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A completely dynamic Smart Graphics interface developed by Merge. Portable to all touch panel displays, iPad's, iPhone's, Android's and the Apple Watch.

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Music, Video, Lighting, Shades, Security Cameras, Climate, Pool, Gates

View your cameras from wherever you are

Lighting control at your fingertips

Command DirecTV, Dish Network, Xfinity, U-verse

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  • Crestron
  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Apple Watch
  • Android
  • Home Theaters
  • Multi Room Audio
  • Universal Remote
  • Denon

The increasing momentum of new consumer devices in the market is giving homeowners an abundance of choices for technology in their lives. Why does it have to be different for home automation?

It is important that proven technologies be used to create the intelligent subsystems such as lighting, climate and audio distribution within the home but that should not limit the homeowner's choices of how they consume these services. The subsystems should be chosen based on reliability and flexibilty for expansion. The control system should be powerful enough to reliabily control the subsystems 24/7/365 and flexible enough to offer the homeowner choices in the way they use the system.

A control interface is only as powerful as the control system behind it. Crestron is the most powerful, flexible and reliable control system in the world.

Merge utilizes Crestron technology for the control system and for the critical subsytems such as lighting, climate and audio/video. Crestron control processors also allow us to integrate many other subsystems from other leading manufacturers in security systems, pool controls , media appliances and home theater equipment. Crestron is the world's leading manufacturer of control and automation systems and provide a wide range of technology to fit any project from small to large.

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